We have download the redeptor bunding protein domain of Omicron variant from protein S(spike) obtained at Colby Ford github.

Doctor Colby Ford have used an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to predict the shape of the protein. Using AI to discover protein structures breakthrough of year 2021 according to Science magazine

We have download Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCN) natural products from Taiwan TCN database

We have make the molecular docking at swissdock


We have changed the protein spike for another one.

Why did we changed? Because Pfizer has discovered that the main protease " (protein data bank) : 7SI9 bount with nirmatrelvir", has less mutations than the spike protein.

Every living thing has 20 aminoacids

The main protease is also known as C3-like proteinase and it has 307 aminoacids. With the medicine, we try to attack the main protease, because it breaks the poliprotein and that is what make that the virus can multiplicate. Then if we destroy the main protease, it can breaks the polprotein and then the virus can't multiplicate himself.

There are aminoacids that are solubles with another elements and that is important

We colored the aminoacids: Cysteine 145 and Hystidine 41 because these two will break the protein of omicron and this will significate that the virus can't mutate anymore because then it will not be able to multiplicate more times.

We opened the protein united with the medicine with UCSF chimera